Infant Water Awareness eBook Collection


Are you worried about your little ones being safer around water?

Do you want them to have fun while learning vital swimming and water safety skills?

STOP THE SEARCH, SAVE $100'S IN SWIM CLASS FEES AND START LEARNING with our unique 3-Book Water Awareness Series For Infants!

Our books are designed for parents to teach their children from ages 0 - 36 months ALL THE WATER SAFETY & SWIM SKILLS they'll need, using fun and age-appropriate activities.

Our series is perfect for new parents or anyone expecting a new baby - they make an awesome baby shower gift!

Each book contains FUN-FILLED, progressive building lessons, complete with accurate, colorful illustrations and easy to read step-by-step instructions.

Take the books with you to the pool, use them to complement swim school lessons and use them to learn water safety at bathtime or in your own backyard pool.

Games and songs make learning fun but they won't teach your child the complexities of swimming; the answer is SKILL-BUILDING to ACCELERATE LEARNING and FAST-TRACKING their aquatic journey.

WATER AWARENESS NEWBORNS is the ideal BATH-TIME ROUTINE for newborns and babies up to the age of 12 months. Inside it teaches: Breath Control, Floats, Basic Body Positioning, Kicking, Aquatic Holds, Rotation, Water Safety and more…

WATER AWARENESS BABIES is ideal for babies 6 months up to the age of 24 months preparing them for pool lessons. Inside it teaches: Breath Control, Submersions, Basic Body Positioning, Floating, Aquatic Holds, Entries & Exits, Turns & Rotation, Kicking, Basic Arm Propulsion, Water Safety and more...

WATER AWARENESS TODDLERS is ideal for the toddlers aged 18-36 months and prepares them for their first structured swimming lessons. Inside it teachers: Breath Control, Submersions, Floating, Body Positioning, Aquatic Holds, Entries & Exits, Turns & Rotation, Kicking, Arm Propulsion, Movement through water, Water Safety and more...

Teaching young ones to love the water is easy when you have THE RIGHT RESOURCES AND SWIMMING AIDS. If you don’t know 'what to teach' and are stuck on 'how to teach it', our books are for you!!!


Swim Skills including drowning prevention and water safety

Quick and Easy to read text (no jargon or over explaining)

Step-by-step instructions

28-32 Color Illustrations

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Water Awareness for Infants 3 eBook Series

26 - 34 Pages
Colorful Illustrations
Easy to Follow Instructions
7 Pillars of Learn to Swim
Water Safety
Age Appropriate Activities
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Infant Water Awareness eBook Collection

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